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These stamps explain parts of my drawing disabilities.



By :iconthenuzlockeduo:, or stinkies and dylan. :3

I swear, this is kind of like doing a personality quiz lol

1. What is your name?

2. Are you a boy or a girl?

3. How old are you?
Let's just say 15

4. What do you hate most in the world??
I fucking hate creepy crawly things
fuckin nasty man

5. WHO do you hate most in the world?
I guess I don't really like Lucas idk

6. What are your hobbies?

7. Interested in anyone yet?
Not unless they're interested in me so nopeeeee

8. Do you find anybody else sexy?
myself obviously

9. What type of music do you like?
darude sandstorm

10. Do you have any siblings??
I have an older bro

11. Do you consider yourself good looking??

12. Do you want babies?
It sounds really painful so I'm not really sure.

13. Where are you from?
Sinnoh, yo

15. What is your hometown?
Twinleaf Town. B)

16. Do you live with anybody?
My mom. Although, she doesn't really look like my mom. :U

17. Do you have any friends? Perhaps a BFF??
The closest I have to a friend is Barry.
Sad, I know.

18. What's your favorite color?
Bluish-green or aqua or blue or green :D

19. What do you look for in someone? (As in a mate)
They have to be cute in my standards (which are pretty low lol), taller than me (I'm short so that's  not a problem), and also not an asshole.

20. What's your type?

21. Have you had your first kiss yet?

22. Do you have any special skills?
Does it count if I can bend my thumbs backwards so far that they look broken?

23. What is your saddest death?
Every death is sad. :I

24. Who was your starter pokemon?
Talia the turtwig~

25. Why did you start your journey?
To be a better trainer and to make something of myself.
That's it.

26. When did you start your journey?
June 17th apparently

27. Your favorite type of pokemon?
Water, ground, dark

28. What would be your Nature?

29. What would be your Characteristic?

30. What would be your Ability?
Rivalry: Increases base power of Physical and Special attacks by 25% if the opponent is the same gender, but decreases base power by 25% if opponent is the opposite gender
I dunno

31. What are your fears?
Very slow, painful deaths

and also creepy crawly things

32. Who do you see as your rival?
I guess Barry.
*shrugs more*

33. What type of family do you come from?
The generic one
*shrugs harder*

34. Why do you take the Nuzlocke Challenge?
Well, I kind of see the "challenge" as something that happens normally among everyone.
Kind of like that theory ky-nim has on how every person's pokemon has a 20% chance of dying if it loses a battle.

35. Yay we are done, now go tag people!!
sorry but
no thanks ^^;

Note* Don't forget to add the blank link at the end or the begining <33
whoops almost forgot that…

If you read all of this, then I sure am amazed. <3 <3 <3


AquaticBandage's Profile Picture
I give llama badges in return for watches.
Pretty lame, I know.

Don't be afraid to talk to me n' such.

You could ask me what my favorite brand of laundry detergent is and I'd be cool with it. B)

Courtesy of StinkiesDraws: :iconlucasohgodwatplz::iconhrrngplz::iconshhhimhidingplz::icongabby--plz:

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